I know when most of my friends think of Europe, they think Barcelona and Positano. Both beautiful cities. But I think Stockholm needs some recognition. Here are 5 reasons why you should think twice about your Euro plans and add Stockholm to your list…

  1. Downtown Östermalm; Essentially a series of boujee bars + restaurants on docks lining the Nybroviken Channel. It is a chic bar hoppers paradise. The Strandbryggan is a must. This place is a dream. They had a whole bar stocked with all different types of rosés. It was my heaven on earth. If you are with a group, charter out the M/S Molly  for the day which has a sauna + hot tub on board.


2. Gamla stan; The Old Town in Sweden. It is truly magical. Wander the cobble stone streets into cafés, wine bars and ice cream parlors. I felt like I was on a movie set when I was in Gamla Stan. The alleys and streets are beautifully paved and the architecture is breathtaking. The most quaint and romantic day trip.


3. Swedish Meatballs; Need I say more. My mom always made these growing up so I was super excited to actually try them in Sweden. I will warn you that Swedish custom is to take your time eating meals in order to socialize and spend time with friends + family… therefore, the service in restaurants is a bit slower than the service in the U.S. It was actually nice to not be rushed to turn the tables and be able to relax and enjoy the meal. Embrace the culture 🙂



4. Castles; Americans love castles. We went to Drottningholm Palace which is where the King and Queen of Sweden still live (sometimes). The decadence and craftsmanship throughout the castle was so beautiful and surreal.



5. Shopping; Scandinavian simple and modest  fashion + design has always inspired me. There were two malls/galleries in particular that stood out to me in Stockholm. One of them is called MOOD Stockholm. The vibe inside MOOD was on point. Living walls, intimate lighting, stylish and cosmopolitan bars and cafés throughout. The shops were all unique and curated in a thoughtful way. The second gallery of shops I would recommend is called Bruno Götgatsbacken. BG hosts a curated collection of Scandinavian fashion designers in a very artistic way. The gallery, like MOOD, is beautiful with an ambiance to please.

Boqueria, Tengbom 03-2012bruno-gotgatsbacken_rectangle


I hope this post has opened your eyes to the beauty of Stockholm, would love to hear from anyone who has also visited the city, leave a comment if you have! Skål ♥