I am so excited to share this gem of a spot with you guys. Recently, I have been doing a lot of camping. I have not always been into camping but it has really started to grow on me as I enter into my adult life. Something about getting away from the city, the daily hustle, my phone, my obligations… It really helps me to reset and recharge. I have found that when I take this time to go camping, I am a harder worker in school and at my job, I am a better friend, a calmer driver… my mind is more at ease in the week following. One of my all time favorite spots is the San Clemente State Beach. The views at the campsites are unreal with direct access to the beach through a dreamy sand path. Not to mention, the beach was essentially empty. This place is

m a g i c a l.

IMG_2436IMG_2437Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

John and I started our weekend setting up our tent and bed. I am a light sleeper so I bring a portable blow up mattress, memory foam pad, sleeping bag (HIGHLY recommend this one from REI) and down comforter. This is a little excessive for camping, so if you are a sound sleeper, I would try to bring less. After setting up camp we opened some rosé and mingled with our friendly neighbors and their sweet puppy, Migos. Then we headed down to the beach for a beautiful cotton candy sunset. I packed foil packet fajitas for dinner and we roasted them over the campfire. A couple of glasses of rosé later, we were dancing under the stars. The next morning we went into town for coffee and croissants at Ellie’s Table in North Beach.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Hopefully you get the chance to try San Clemente SB or just go beach camping in general. If you aren’t into camping, maybe this post will change your perception. It is really relaxing once you are able to let go of your obligations and worries. I love camping because it allows me to silence my mind for a while and remind myself of what really matters; which is not instagram, money or clothes. It’s the people who you surround yourself with and the direct impact you have on them.




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