Hi Babes! Here are some of my haircare tips + tricks; remember that everyone’s hair has a different chemical makeup, so it is not a one size fits all formula, but this is what works for me.

Enjoy! xx

w a s h i n g:  I wash my hair (meaning shampoo + condition) every 2-3 days. Washing it everyday is too hard on the follicles and can dry them out quickly. Do not skimp on the quality of your shampoo + conditioner! A few extra dollars for higher quality products can go a long way. Personal story; my sister has the same hair type as me and has always had thinner, more oily hair. We talked about what the root of this difference could be and I asked her what shampoo + conditioner she used. She had been using herbal essences. I told her she needed to invest more in her products and use higher quality. She did and she saw a major difference in hair volume and less oil. If you are on the market for new products, ask your hair stylist for advice on choosing high quality shampoos + conditioners.

I use Kerastase products. This is what my hair stylist recommended to me. Click here to shop this shampoo.

d r y i ng: I try to go to sleep with wet hair as often as possible to avoid the hair dryer. BUT, that is not always possible. I use this ($17!) infrared hair dryer when I need a fast dry. Always use the concentrator nozzle to protect from damage.


d r y  s h a m p o o: Since I do not wash my hair on a daily basis, dry shampoo is my best friend. This one from Lulu Organics is talc-free and comes in lavender… my fave.


b r u s h e s: I have a few brushes. When my hair is wet or tangled, I use the wet brush. Another tip I got from my hair stylist is to always start at the ends of your hair and work up to the root. This makes for less breakage (aka: more voluminous beach waves). I also have a paddle brush I use when my hair is dry or when I want to do a blow out. Lastly, I have a soft bristle brush that I use after curling my hair to get my waves looking more natural.

Create perfectlonglashes (1).png

b e a c h  w a v e s: I always get asked how I curl my hair. Here it is. Curling works best when your hair is dirty (AKA: not the same day you wash your hair). I use a 1-1.25 inch wand without a clamp. I have used a few different wands but these two I thought worked the best. The wand below is Sultra’s Bombshell. It works on many hair types and it gets the job done; BUT it is $130 bucks. Which leads me to my next wand…

sultra bombsheel

This Bed Head Curlipops Texturizing wand (love that name) lasted me 2 years and then, sadly, died. It is a fraction of the price of Sultra’s at $22 and it also worked very well. The only thing I will say about the texturizing part of the wand is that it works better on thick hair. If you have super fine hair, I would avoid a texturized wand because it could imprint the pattern visibly onto your hair. Just sayin’.


When I do beach waves, I have a little process I follow. As mentioned before, I like to curl when my hair is not perfectly clean, it sounds weird, but the hair holds the curl better when it has some oils in it. I curl my hair in 3 sections. Bottom, middle, crown. For each section, I clip the uncurled hair up, apply Argan Oil heat protector  to that section and comb through with hands and with brush. After protectant is applied to that section, I then curl 1-2 inch sub-sections of hair away from my face. I repeat this process for all 3 sections without combing the curls out. When everything is curled to my standard (lol), I then use my hands to brush through the curls and place them where I want them to go. Afterwards, I use my soft brush to gently comb through the curls, creating beach waves. Lastly, I apply a tiny bit of dry shampoo throughout my hair. This sounds strange but it actually adds volume and makes the curls last longer. No hair spray. Maybe I’ll do a hair flip or two to get everything looking natural and easy breezy cover girl and I’m good to go. 610FkIf+AOL._SY679_

In a nutshell:

-Be gentle

-Try not to use heat when possible

-There are plenty of high quality + affordable products on amazon to help you get started


This is, for the most part, my haircare routine + some tricks I use. I hope you found it to be helpful! Like I said, everyone’s hair is  d i f f e r e n t  so experiment and do what works best for your hair type.




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