Hey Loves!

There are a few questions I frequently get asked and I thought it would be beneficial to answer them here & allow my readers to get to know me better.

Without further adieu…

Here are 20 Things About Me:

  1. I am 22. I am about to graduate from The University of San Diego & have had the goal of starting a lifestyle blog by the time I graduate.
  2. I majored in Marketing. And hope to continue my career as a sales rep because I am super competitive by nature.
  3. I was born in Kansas. I still have midwestern values and am thankful and humbled to have grown up there. When I was 18 I moved to Arizona where I attended the University of Arizona before meeting the love of my life, John, and moving to San Diego. (KC →AZ→SD)
  4. I have an old soul. I always tell myself I am a 57 year old woman living in a 22 year olds body. I love nothing more than a bold tannin zinfandel & a good book while listening to Van Morrison.
  5. My style icon is Rosie Huntington Whiteley. With Erin Wasson as a very close second. So cool + posh. Check my style inspiration here.
  6. My hair is real. I have naturally thick hair which is a blessing and a curse (it takes me almost an hour to blow dry). Read my haircare & styling tricks under the Cosmetic Aesthetic tab.
  7. I am Swedish. And recently had the pleasure of  visiting Stockholm, one of my favorite cities in the world. Explore my post on why you should go to Stockholm too.
  8. I  do not eat red meat. I cut out red meat 2 years ago. Mostly for environmental reasons but I definitely have felt a physical change in my body & energy since eliminating it from my diet.
  9. I love Spanish. I used to Minor in Spanish & am a proficient speaker. I have always loved the Spanish language & culture. I once gave an entire presentation on Enrique Iglesias in school. Te Amo Enrique.
  10. I don’t have any tattoos. Or piercings (besides my ears). Tattoos and/or piercings were the bane of my mother’s existence when I was growing up and she forbid me to get any; it kind of stuck with me, although I think they are beautiful.
  11. My biggest fear is the word “vein”. Don’t ask me why. I’ve just always hated the word. It literally gives me shivers. I know it is ridiculous.
  12. I am an avid cycler. I found the only way I truly enjoyed working out after I tried my first spin class. I try to go 5 to 6 times a week. It keeps my body fit but more importantly, I use it for stress therapy. It works wonders in both respects. Try it!
  13. I believe sleep is the cure all remedy. A good night’s sleep can go a long way. Firm believer that water + sleep, although simple, are some of the best remedies for illness, sadness, anxiety etc.
  14. I would choose tequila or mezcal over vodka or gin any day. Healthier + more robust. If you’ve never tried mezcal, give it a shot (pun definitely intended).
  15. Christmas is my heart and soul. I am 100% that annoying November 1st Christmas decorator and my boyfriend John HATES it.
  16. I have OCD. When it comes to certain things, like cleaning, I have a pretty substantial OCD issue.
  17. I used to be addicted to tanning beds. SO bad for you. If any young girls ever read this, please, don’t do it. Being Swedish, I am naturally fair skinned. I used to go multiple times a week when I was a high schooler and I will never be able to undo the damage it caused to my skin. Use a fake tanner instead.
  18. My pet peeve is small talk. Although unavoidable, small talk is one of my biggest peeves. Let’s have insightful conversations. I love when I can be open and learn from people. Quality over quantity in friendships.
  19. It is my dream to have my own garden one day. With lilacs, roses, peonies, lavender, basil (I hope these can all grow in the same climate..) I will pop some champagne, turn up the music and garden away. It’s the little things.
  20. My eyes change color. They change with my mood. No one believes me until they see it for themselves and then they are freaked out. It’s a real thing. Blue= happy; Green= Neutral; Gray= Sad

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